Cosmetic Dentistry, Dental Implants, Smile Makeovers, Teeth Whitening , Root Canal Treatment

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About Praxis Dental Clinic

Praxis clinic‚ the dental clinic in Mumbai India is known for its world class equipments and highly qualified surgeons and dentists. Praxis dental clinic offers dental treatments spanning Dental Implants and Implant based Advanced Oral Rehabilitation , Laser Dentistry , Cosmetic Dentistry which includes Smile Makeovers with Porcelain veneers and all ceramic crowns , Laser Tooth Whitening and Orthodontics along with world class quality dental care , materials and equipments at affordable cost.

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Our Dentists in Mumbai , make use of the latest technology for all dental procedures including surgery , treatment and all our dental services including Dental Implants , Aesthetic / Cosmetic dentistry, Laser Dentistry, Tooth whitening ,Endodontics / Root Canal Treatment ( surgical as well as non surgical ), Periodontology / Gum Treatments and Gum Surgeries, Oral surgery, Wisdom Teeth / Third Molar Extractions, Periodontal plastic surgery / Gum surgery and gum reshaping , Orthodontics , Emergency dental treatments and Children's dentistry.

Our dental clinic is not only about dental care but it is a part of personal wellness. And in today’s technologically advanced world, personal wellness acquires immense importance.Many of our customers come to us because they want to get away from the old fashioned, clinical atmosphere of traditional dental clinics that may bring back bad memories. Instead they prefer to embrace the latest in dental technology in a relaxing, caring and clean environment.

We use materials and equipments which are considered the best in the field of dentistry worldwide.

Best Dental Clinic in Mumbai India

Dental Procedures in Mumbai India - Praxis Dental Clinic

Smile Makeovers

Best Dentist for smile makeovers in Mumbai India

For a beautifully designed smile , the teeth need to be aligned and related to each other , as well as with the surrounding tissues in a harmonious fashion.
Praxis has been performing the finest smile makeover in mumbai india that have helped our clients get rid of their embarrassing teeth problems and show off their new smiles to the world
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Dental Implants

Best Dental Clinic in Mumbai India for Dental Implants

Dental Implants have evolved to a great extent over the past many years .The extensive research and development in the dental implant designs and coatings have made it as an established and a predictable means of replacing the lost or failing natural teeth.

We at Praxis Dental specialize in dental implants and provide a wide range for the cost of dental implants from which one can choose.
Praxis Dental also offers the finest and the most affordable dental implants in Mumbai India

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Root Canal Treatment

Best Dental Clinic for root canal in Mumbai India

If the blood or nerve supply of the tooth is infected through decay or injury then you’ll need root canal treatment. When the soft tissue inside the tooth becomes infected this can spread and lead to a dental abscess.

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Cosmetic Dentistry

Best cosmetic dentist in mumbai india

We achieve cosmetic changes in the length/shape/contour/color/orientation of teeth and provide you with esthetically pleasing smiles by utilizing new and latest techniques and technology.

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Porcelain Veneers

best dentist for dental implants in mumbai

A veneer is a new front surface for a tooth, custom made from porcelain. Their strength and appearance is similar to natural teeth and they can make a huge difference to your smile.

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Teeth Whitening

best dentist in mumbai india for tooth whitening

A: In only an hour, discoloration which has built up over the years will magically disappear. It takes no longer than the time it would for you to have a haircut or a manicure, or have a cup of coffee-it's that simple!

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Best Dental Clinic in Mumbai India

Testimonials and Reviews - Praxis Dental Clinic

Video Review

Video Review

Video Review

World's Best Equipments and Materials

We offer our clients world-class dental facilities. . Our dentists in Mumbai , India have access to a Carl Zeiss surgical operating microscope,Carl Zeiss I mag Loupes, Acteon digital intraoral x-ray, Biolase EPIC Laser , electro surgery units, an intra-oral camera system, a separate tooth whitening room with Beyond Cold Led Whitening System providing Ultraviolet Radiation Filtration, Biolase Laser Whitening System , Piezosurgery Units , Swiss Air Polishers, and state-of-the-art procedural viewing facility for the clients as well as their attendants in the waiting area. We use highly purified Reverse Osmosis Filtered Water in all our dental chairs to prevent any sort of contamination and transmission of water borne infections.


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